Spring is Here 2019

Welcome to SPRING! And how did you spend the first day of spring yesterday??? Rain boots and jacket. A wet and dreary day! But let’s bring on this spring.

OllieD learned how to do the back crawl , he is sooooo cute, check out how he gets around❤️❤️❤️❤️

I crack up every time I watch this. He actually cruises around doing this . Lol

So in love with this little man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Are we all sick of hearing about the college ” Scandal ” . Punish those involved and move on. Sad to see how money can buy a degree when the child has no interest in going to college. When you have a kid working there way to a better education, it really can be upsetting 😡

PT is going great, I’m moving right along. Still have my goal of surfing in Florida! Making this a quick recovery. Still swollen and tender on the back of the knee. But only moving forward!

Our vacation count down is on.


Happy Spring to all

When you find your dogs laying next to each other, ummmm maybe they do like each other

Goodnight ✌🏽


Unbelievable Work Day😳

Well yesterday was a success. Started out bad , ended excellent! First day back to work with my lovely brace on the leg. And we were busy. After surviving that portion of my day, I ended it with a PT session. Which was very helpful. Feeling great today.

PT GOAL…. surfing on my Keywest trip. Think I threw my therapist a curve when he asked my goal🏄🏼‍♀️.


Feeling a little emotional, every once in a while I’ll pull up memories on Facebook. Not sure why, because it always makes me sad, happy, emotional. Today was a lot of pictures of my little dog Butts! And my little Carter wresting. And baby Jace crawling up and standing.


My baby Carter❤️

Baby Jace❤️

Oh and I must have made soft pretzels 🥨 2 years ago. Lol

Memories ! That is what life is about . Can’t wait to make some more on vacation! Welcome to Tuesday my friends!

And you know it’s going to be a crazy day, when you pull up to work at 6:30 am and see a transportation service in front of your building, and people unloading 😳 game on .

Interesting day I had , not mentioning any names or places, but as I was wheeling out a patient today , 2 ladies jumped up in the waiting room that were here to take him home. His wife and his mistress. Things went down quickly . Fingers were pointed and lots of yelling. The wife was going nuts ( which I don’t blame) just a super bad place to have this happen. And of course the waiting room was packed during all this commotion. Lots of staff came out .

It was almost like a scene straight from Jerry springer!! Not kidding

Bottom line……. we only need one designated driver 🤣🤣🤣

Super crazy !!!

goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Happy St Patty’s Day 2019🍀

The leprechaun won! We did not catch the little bastard! 🤣

And neither did the Blondes! That leprechaun really had fun destroying our kitchen 😂

OllieD is getting his party on for St. Patty’s Day

Took the boys to the park today to get out of there momma’s Hair for a while.

So here we have a huge play area with tons of stuff, slides, swings, ladders, bouncing things and even a maze. But what do my grandson’s like to play in……

The big ass mud puddle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

After the Park we stopped by Stin & Megan’s , the boys love getting Bentley hyped up.

And Uncle Stin loves giving the boys tons of stuff, they left his house loaded up on snacks,candy etc! Thank you Stin & Megan .. they were All sugared up when granny drop them off home to Trevor and Vic 👍🏻 lol

Hope everyone had a great corn beef and cabbage day!


Leprechaun celebration

Lover has her Leprechaun 🍀 celebration today with the kids!

Leprechaun traps ✅

Scavenger hunt ✅

St Patty’s craft ✅

Green food/Gold coins ✅

Just another celebration at the Castle

She’s such an amazing ” Aunt “. The blondes called early this morning to find out what time they are coming over ❤️

Thank you Lover for the awesome party!

How to Catch a Leprechaun 🍀

Build a trap for a leprechaun

Make the trap shiny

Put a trinket inside the trap to draw in the leprechaun.

Spot where the leprechaun has been there

Figure out how leprechauns operate.
 This will help you catch them, and figure out what to do with them when you do. For one, leprechauns rarely travel in groups. They are solitary creatures.[9]

  • Leprechauns are male. They are said to be friends of the robin. They like to drink alcohol, which is one reason some leprechauns are evil. But they are generally harmless, if a bit mischievous. There is nothing to fear.
  • They are old-fashioned and a bit shabby. They don’t like conformity so if you catch one it will probably have something like a green jacket and red pants. They wear tall hats and have shoes with big buckles on them.

Good luck to all you catching leprechaun’s tonight 🍀🍀🍀

The traps are set and ready for action!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


MRI results………..

How I’m feeling tackling this appointment today

Bring it on!! Only excepting good news!

Losing patience in the waiting room 😂😂

Great News!!! No Surgery!!!

Basically I have 3 strains, one is severe and 2 are moderate/severe strains all in my lovely right knee!

Still fluid, but not having it drained at this point

Just got myself some physical therapy! Leg brace and slowly getting better!

What a great thing!

I was so happy, I gimped my way into Old Navy and bought 2 pairs of shorts. Imagine having to try on clothes when you can barely get yourself dressed. 😂😂🤣😂

Got my PT all lined up, starting Monday! So this girl is on 🔥 Fire! Feeling so much more productive today, even tho if you stop and think about it…. all I did was go 2 places! Lol

Happy weekend everyone!

MRI and Bachelor Nation Crap 💩

Check out my dad cruising on his ice boat last Monday!!! He has that boat hauling! Super sweet Dad!!!

When your stuck in a chair you start to look forward to doctors appointments!

MRI today! Hopefully some answers. Just think it’s a bad strain. Each day is getting better.

I even subjected myself to watch the ” Final Rose”🌹 Bachelor crap last night! Really!! Frickin stupid! Sorry Collin but wish you and your woman a Lifetime of happiness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

A Lifetime of happiness in bachelor nation is what????? Maybe 6 month??? Or until they run out of 5 minutes of fame!!!

It’s funny how easy it was to get sucked into their stupid love fest! Over them, over the whole bachelor thing! Laughing how he ” jumped a fence” and ran away, because he got rejected by this true love. But in the end she took him back , 🤔🤔🤔 possibly to get a little exposure on the television 📺 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 She acts like she’s not really into him! Just saying!

Give me a life! I need to get off this recliner and back to my life!!!

Each day is a better day!!! Recovery sucks!

Knee updates😡😡😡

When your injured and unable to walk, you basically are very limited. Your snuck in a recliner, or stuck on a picnic bench until someone decides to rescue you! 😂

When it’s sunny and you need out of your house.

And when your 3 years old and need outside. Weston took excellent care of granny today. Thank you Weston!!!

You can never have to many LEGO’s! Are those are just one container! Thank you market place, my main mate will be so pleased !!! NOT!!! 😂

Happy Tuesday

Peace ✌🏽