Was really never a big fan of Devils night. My parents definitely were not fans , like most parents we were banned from running around the neighborhood. I think the most we did was TP’d (  toilet papered ) the neighbors house. And got caught, and got in trouble. 

Interesting fact about the whole night. Most places it’s called Mischeif  Night. Same sort of concept. Pretty much go out and cause some sort of  destruction  and try not to get arrested or caught. 



All members of the castle are not allowed to leave tonight, they all have a little devilish in them and we don’t need to be in the court system. 

Oops 🙊 I was just informed we also threw eggs along with the  toilet paper . Ok , that’s BAD! I’m formally apologizing to all the neighbors who got hit that night many years ago. 

Check this out 

Some places it’s called : 

GATE night:  it’s when you see a farm,  and basically open the gate .  And let all of their animals out of their farm. NOW !!! That is SUPER UNCOOL! 

 CABBAGE night : steal vegetables,  smear them all over the windows and doors and leave THEM on people’s porch.  Very popular out east .  Oh my God !!!! Picture Ashleys face, seeing good  edible vegetables 🥒 🥕 🍅 🌶🍆🍠 smashed and wasted! Just a quick thought on that one…..,,🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 are VEGAN houses  more targeted ???                                       

I’m a little worried now. If I wake up to a porch full of shit, Family Therapy will be on Tuesday and not Thursday this week. 

And the last one ….

MAT night: you go and steal your neighbors door mats and switch it with a different mat???? Ok, really fucking stupid. ( sorry, I had SAY  that) your going to TAKE all the effort of going to someone door, NOT smashing their pumpkin, not TP their trees, not smearing veggies, to grab their doormat!!!!! Let’s be honest here.

If someone switched our doormat, NO one, I said absolutely NO one,  Who lives at the castle including myself would EVER EVEN notice.  I don’t even think we WOULD noticed the TP ,  definitely not the smashed pumpkin .  I think the only one that would affect us, was the veggies on the porch .  Due to the fact that we’re half vegan household .  Just saying .



And for any of you little devil’s that do go out , please be safe I don’t want to see you on the 11 o’clock news. In a mug shot that is ! 



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