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Went to the skin doc also, did the whole skin check . Was a little worried because I feel like I’ve been tan or tanning my skin for 49 yrs. Back even when I was a baby we’ve gone to Florida 🏝☀️every year. Fun times. All the cousins went down every year, and there are tons of us. Our parents camped, we took up a huge  portion of the camp ground.  We are talking tents and all. It was  literally the best time. As a teen it was even better. At one point there was so many of us we had teams we were on . Like the blue team etc. And each team had daily chores.

There was always a group of teens that bucked the system, stayed out to late etc,etc etc you get the picture.  It was pretty much a free for all, running around the camp ground playing games and tricks on your cousins. One time one of the my cousin ( older teenage) fell asleep/possibly passed out 🤔 on a lounge chair and we moved him to another camp site. He woke  up the next morning with another family .😂😂😂😂😂😂 . Such a great tradition.  We actually still do it every Easter. The Rabaut family travels to Florida. We have upgraded to a travel trailer, some family’s rents cottages. But we are all still together on Easter. And every year there is the traditional bridge jump. There is always some broken down bridge looking for jumpers. Super crazy, you honestly never no what is below in the water. Thats why you let the local people jump first.

But during those younger days we pretty much lived outside during those 2 weeks , so we got the savage tan. But we also had many times were we were completely fried🔥.  So after years of sun abuse I was little nervous 😬😬😬😬. BUT ALL IS GOOD!!!! NOT EVEN A SUN LECTURE. Relief 🙃

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!  FRISKY FRIDAY Ladies! According to some survey,  Friday is the day for the most risky, frisky things to happen in the bedroom. Yeh or Nay???

Here is my RANT of the day………… Why is it when a Man is sick or at least the one I live with. He has a cold….. AKA runny nose, slight cough, barely a  sneeze coming from him. Well, you would think he is dying. Not just slightly dying but to the point where he is completely disabled to do anything,  I mean do I make funeral arrangements or what. Come on, it’s sooooo frickin annoying.

And it starts at a young age. Carter gets a stomach ache, can’t function. Really carter go take a 💩.

Trevor gets a sniffle…… in his pajamas at 6:00, straight after work, can’t even bring the blondes over to see granny. Then there’s Stin ( austin) who has to remind us all about his  recent pneumonia. And how much sicker he was then everyone else. I believe he is right about that statement. Now with myself , no one would probably even notice if I had a sniffle, cough,sneeze,  fever, hell I could be bleeding laying on the floor in front of the main entrance, and people would just step right over me.

Very observant MEN I live with. Lol

Example:    So I dyed my hair one day,  had the dye all on it (  have you ever smelled hair dye it’s very distinguish ) (quite smelly actually). So I sat down with my boys and ate dinner.  I had a turban towel on my head .  The smell was very strong .  No one said a word .  About five hours later . Stin said ….. hey, what’s that smell??? Really did you not notice my hair was a different color!

But with Ashley a completely different story.  Very observant.  Probably would not step over me in the scene above ☝️,  but would probably freak out if there was blood involved LOL 😂. Sometimes I wonder if I created this action??? Nope I figured it out …. if your born with a DICK , then sometimes you just have to act like a DICK 😂😂😂😂😂

But regardless I love them all ❤❤❤❤

enjoy your FRISKY night gals.💘


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