FOR ALL YOU “80’s” lovers out there , who sang that song………..

just another manic Monday??????   THE BANGLES

80’s were definitely the best times. Big hair, perms, Madonna, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, The Police. Honestly you could go on for hours. But a favorite one was BLUE mascara, yes thats right, I said BLUE, add some blue eye liner and blue eye shadow and you became a “10” in the Tinder world today. My daughter would see pictures of me and say ” mother…. the 80’s called , they’d like the blue eye stuff back”

But such great times.

Do you believe in the old saying…..

Find a penny pick it up all day long have good luck???

🍀 well I found one in the parking lot at Meijer and got home and my washer decided to stop working !!!Worst day ever ! So here ashley and I sit at a laundry mat😡, not to sound high maintenance, but we thought we could just use our debit cards to get change to use in the machines.  Nope,  you have to have 💵, no debit cards allowed. And the young girl working, really needs to get a different job, a different attitude, and maybe a sense of humor.  Its a frickin laundry mat, get over it. I think she rolled her 👀 at us ! Oh well.  I guess we asked way to many questions. 

Ashleys broken hand surgery is in the morning, I’m trying to convince her that she is not going to the gym in the morning before we leave. Also her main worry is not eating, she’s a healthy eater, but eats 24/7, she’s not worried about the surgery , but the NO eating. Please wish us all that live with her GOOD LUCK!  Because she doesn’t do pain well.  

And here’s a good one for all you early morning risers …… 

Passed someone cutting there grass around 6:15 this morning. No lie ! 

Over off wise Rd, in Commerce twp/West Bloomfield , yes it was dark, yes he had a light shining on 

his lawnmower.  I love my grass freshly cut also , but I tend to cut mine during the day when my 

neighbors are awake. 

I don’t think that would fly in my neighborhood. 🤔 Definitely NOT. 

Speaking of neighbors, how do u like yours??? Do u hang out with them ??? I feel like we are social.

But not overly social. When my kids were younger we definitely had lots of friendly neighborhood 

gatherings . And we pissed off some also. Teenage kids can definitely drive a neighborhood crazy. 

And at one time we had a house of teens.  

EXAMPLE : ashley was a senior with a car , Trevor was a sophomore, with no car yet, she gave him a ride to school every morning. Well one morning ( I’m at work ) , she decided, who knows why , he probably pissed her off , she was not driving him. Well he threw his body on the hood of her car as she flew done the street. Yep!!! Got a call from the neighbor telling me all about that whole scenario. My reply to this one lovely neighbor who enjoyed living by us was……. Just make sure Trevor gets to school.  

EXAMPLE: had a golf cart, had it lifted with some big tires on it , one simple rule ….. no  ONE drives it without an adult home. Got a call from a friend while I’m at work saying …… I think I just passed your golf cart flying down the road with a load of people. Oh really????? Not my kids lol. Keep in mind he passed the golf cart in Wixom , we live in Commerce. Ok kids you ALL  know who’s guilty of that one . 

EXAMPLE: same golf cart different kid , flying down are street ( couple years after the last  incident ) rolls it. Brings it home and parks it in the garage like nothing happened,🤔🤔🤔 the whole roof was jacked up. 

The key was never left at home again ! 




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