So today, will it be a productive day ? 🙄 Of course!

Getting my fitness on, which is actually a family obsession. Some members of the castle belong to planet fitness, some to fitness 19. Some workout at college. Some even break their hand at the gym and continue going to the gym, but just change up their workout to accommodate the broken hand, and yes some of us belong to multiple gyms. Because you never know when your stressed out and need a quick workout.  Yes, your all thinking….. 😳 wow that family must be so fit. Well guess what !!!! Ha-Ha NOT ! We try tho

We workout for many reasons, to be able to eat shit and not feel guilty, to escape from all the shit  happening  at the castle, and to get rid of some of the energy we all seem to have so much of. 😜!

yes this is the broken hand!

Watched the funniest movie again last night. Trainwreck , for some reason the dance at the end I find so funny. Matter of fact, I made all my mates get out of their dorms to see the ending dance.😂💃

Can Amy Schumer dance ? Hell No. But you have to admit the movie is funny

Another thing that seems to happen a lot at the castle is called “SABOTAGE”.

Yes, its this sick thing we all do to each other. Some sabotages are intentional.

EXAMPLES: The Parking Spot. We all have designated parking spots, don’t park your friction car in someones spot, NOT COOL!!!!

The Shitter sabotage.  REALLY UNCOOL……. don’t use the last toilet paper and not replace the roll

The Laundry sabotage. Ok I get that you need your clothes cleaned but don’t leave the washer full with wet clothes the dryer full with clean clothes and a pile ontop of the machine. 💣 Wish I had taken a picture of that scene when I walked into it. Hey mate! you know who you are.

The Remote control sabotage. Which is basically taking all the remotes to any device in the house , keeping them until people step up their game

And some sabotages are unintentional

The hair conditioner sabotage. Which is basically borrowing the hair products from one bathroom to another and not returning them, so when that person  is mid shower they are really SCREWED if they plan on cleaning their hair or body.

Lots of Food sabotages happen here at the castle. Well that one is pretty obvious. You had food , now you don’t, its gone, and no one knows where it went. One mate even bought their own fridge for the garage ” the VEGAN” fridge.

But the ultimate SABOTAGE is when my main mate decides he needs quiet and darkness. REALLY  truly weird, but ok………. Turns off all lights. Had a house full of people one night and we all visited in the dark. I find this super strange, like why not go into another room and relax in quiet and darkness. 💡😈

But in spite of all the sabotage that happens daily. My family ROCKS. We laugh at all the shit that happens and makes life so fun.


This photo was taken by Lover ( Lindsay M Photography)

Was this an easy picture to take F no!!! It was 90 plus degrees outside and the middle of the day , which means that the 2 youngest ones needed naps 💤💤. Trevor arrived by motorcycle and had only 10 minutes to spare. Dino needed his 4 hour power nap. Weston wanted to go swimming in the lake behind us. Jace brought along some toys to hold. ADHD was in full swing.  And still Lover pulled off some amazing photos. I was just happy to have every together at one time, and that they all showed up in white t shirts and jeans, on time. Love this whole crazy bunch💘


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