Welcome to My WORLD

First off I’d like to introduce myself. Well I’m Jennifer , a 49yr old mother to 4 loving obnoxious adult children.

meet me. Yes, I’m a busy active gal, trying to get thru life with a positive attitude. My family is everything to me.

My oldest child is my only daughter/best friend. Yes we disagree on things, ummm lets see , I eat chicken and she is 100% vegan. She’s so vegan I think she dreams about vegetables. She has a little boy who’s a little over 2yrs old and he’s vegan also. He’s adorable, never really shuts up, he has sooo much to say, and the stuff he says can make you laugh for hours. They are also my mates. Yes they have currently been living in the “castle” for about a year now.

She would make any mother proud, 3 years in college, 4 years in the Navy. Deployed twice on the Dwight Eisenhower . Meet Ashley and Landon aka Dino (nick name)

Next came Trevor. My amazing son, who gave me so many issues as a teen, but grew into this awesome husband, father, provider, professional fisherman, captain of REEL TROUBLE charter boats. Him and his beautiful wife gave me 2 adorable blondes. They are 4 and 2 and could put a smile and laughter on any face. They live right around the corner from the “castle” (granny’s house) so duh, of course granny goes to get them a lot.

Meet Trevor and Victoria and the Blondes. Jace is 4. Weston is 2πŸ’•

My next adorable child is Austin ( nick name “STIN”) please notice all the nick names. Stin is my super smart 21yr old son, He is extremely brilliant, and I swear he will make tons of money as time goes on. He is Β a handsome young man that has kept me on my toes for the last 4 years. He recently arrived back from a 2 years trip to California. Surfing, sun, fun and learning life lessons out in cali. We are happy he is back.He definitely keeps things interesting and has a boat load of energy. Β Meet another member of the “castle”.

My youngest child is Carter. He has kept us busy with sports, baseball and football for many years. All the boys played football so we are a football family. Carter is a freshman in college , and has a girlfriend Lindsay, we call her “Lover”. They are like an old married couple. I’ve been told carter is the golden child by his siblings, but he definitely was the easiest teen. A complete joy/pain in the ass. lol. Meet Carter and Lover (dog is Ranger)

and for my last post today meet Justin. The man who has helped me raise this crazy bunch of kids for the last 15 years. He made me the cougar I’am today. He is a great provider, cook, and has made our home into the castle it became. He did an addition on it and doubled the size. Not expecting 3 adult children to be back home living in it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They, including myself drive him completely crazy. He is quiet/we are loud. We laugh loud, talk loud, people even walk loud in the castle. The castle is never quiet unless “Justin” takes charge and demands QUIET!

Meet Justin….. aka my man for 15 years 😳

This picture he looks super “hot” in.



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