Ludington Michigan ❤

weekend updates…….Pure Michigan ❤

I’m in love. Had the best day. Walking my sisters neighborhood, checked out all the gorgeous lake ” cottages/mansions ” . Absolutely beautiful ❤.IMG_0270

Went to the state park, walked the trails. Park had quite a few people walking and enjoying life. The sand dunes were a great workout. Had the main mate do the long trail. It was a nice bonding moment.

Then headed to the lighthouse, keep in mind it was super windy and chilly , but beautiful sun☀️ shining. Arrived to the park and watched / met some cool 😎 kiteboarding dudes, they , were tearing up the huge 🌊 waves. 10 plus feet waves. Then a surfer joined in the fun. Told him how we ” surfed ” in California. Well 🤔🤔🤔 I tried, loved it , not sure if I concurred it, like my boys did riding 🌊 waves. But they were so sweet, they had dry suits on, and were definitely experienced at this whole thing. A crowd gathered at the beach watching them.

hands down the coolest thing ever!!!!


Next we went to Pentwater and collected rocks. We did the rock painting yesterday. It’s were you paint the rocks and on the back you write ” ludington 2017 Facebook , then your initials” and hide them around town and as people find them they post it on a Facebook site. The whole town seems to be into it. It’s an adorable thing.

So after collecting more rocks we distributed the ones we painted. We placed ours in ” Thompson Marina ” were my son keeps his big fishing boat , hoping they will survive the winter and be waiting for him in the spring.

Headed back to Kath & Joe’s to  the whole family in the yard playing yard games. Still keep in mind that is still super 💨 windy and very cold. But you would have never known that with this family of mine. The sun setting is what concluded the games.IMG_0274IMG_0275

The games always continue. Left -right-center was heated 🔥🔥🔥, with a big cash 💰 pot of $39. The game went on for quite a while , waiting for a winner. Then ……UNBELIEVABLE……DINO won!!!! Of course he had no clue what had happened except that uncle stin and uncle carter were 😡😡mad . 🤣

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We’ve had an amazing time, Thank you sooooo much for hosting K&J ❤❤. You guys are the best!





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