off work today and check out this morning……

809E5B68-F7BF-4CDC-86B9-C54863646D88Silence????? not sure what that is………..

It didn’t start out that way, first there was the missing wallet. I heard lots of activity going on in the kitchen, like the place was being raided. NO !!!! just CARTER looking for his wallet. Ransacking the place. Him and Stin work for the same company, Stin is kinda his BOSS, CARTER would never admit that tho. So they ride together on Fridays. The missing wallet was eventually found , anyone wondering where???????? ummmmm lets visit Carters bedroom. We need to back up a few first.

I enforced a limit on towel usage at the castle, because some members think the bigger the body , the more towels you need. That shit is not happening here. 1 and done, ONE TOWEL!!! MAKE IT LAST / AND WASH IT AFTER. WE have one castle members who does not follow the rule and it makes me crazy, I pulled 13…….YES I said 13 towels, bath towels, beach towels out of his bedroom/greenhouse. So he was cut off on towels for a while. Its a price you pay for not following the castle rules. lol.

So back to the wallet, it was under a pile of towels, yes a pile. That shall be discussed at the next family meeting. lol ,LIKE today!!!!!!

But back to my silence I experienced.     I think I finally experienced it. It was a nice experience, I didnt know what to do at first, I sat down, played on my phone, put on LIFETIME CHANNEL, as my main mate would say crap TV, and just frickin chilled out. It was golden. If your wondering where my mates work, well I think, I didn’t know, and for a long, long ,long, moment I really didn’t care. But it was short lived. I knew I had to get going. Lots to do on this day off, and I was going to make the best of it. The first sound of noise I did get to hear, was Ranger drinking out of the toilet, thats when I was jolted back to reality.FA893078-0264-47BE-99D3-C3E8AE85678A

red baseball hat Stin- loud but manageable, super lovable, super funny,   Ashley my BFF, not bad volumne, loves the same shows I do(trash TV) but loud if debating nutrition.    Blonde bearded son  T-rev : super loud, super obnoxious, but would do anything for his family, Carter (Lovers man) loud, lots of good one liners.

Ashley just texted me if I wanted to go with everyone to the movies. Here I’m sitting in quiet and enjoying the moment and heard “movies!!!with Dino and the Blondes”. I would have loved to gone, but I’m going to support a dear friend who lost her mother tonight. PRAYERS

Lets do a little recap on the last movie experience we had with Dino and the Blondes. It was the “SMURF” movie. Jace ( batman) was all set up in his lounger, snack, drink, and good to go. Same as Dino and Weston.  Weston was not a big fan of , lets just say “movies” , he’s young, sitting for so long, just was a lot for him that day.

So the movie starts and Weston is very restless, kinda walking around our section. First issue was he got his foot stuck in between the two sits in front of us ( don’t ask how, I really don’t know) and starts yelling , MY FOOTS STUCK. This is also Trevors child who at the time really did talk very much. Well he decided that day to talk and to talk to everyone in the movie theater. BUT THE BEST WAS YET TO COME………

Remember we are all trying to watch a kid movie in a place filled with kids. so it is loud. Weston is right next to me, and I look down and he has no, Yes I said NO clothes on. Just a diaper. Its dark and Ashley and I are trying to find his stuff, when he grabs his shirt and POWER throws it about 4 rows up, LIKE HE HAD A KILLER ARM AT THAT MOMENT. . AT this point, we are silently laughing, like dying laughing between Ashley and I. We have stuff everywhere. Jace and P-dog (my dad, and mom were with us) have no clue whats going on in our row of seats. So we send Weston down to P-dog. Who then says to me……….. WHY does Weston have no clothes on??????

Mind you, this has been going on, ummmmmm maybe 45 minutes now. The big kicker was right before the movie ended, a lady about 4 rows up, stands up and yells…..I FOUND THE SHIRT!!!!! THAT WAS ONE OF THOSE TIMES, THAT WE WILL TALK ABOUT FOREVER, AND WESTON, TO HIS DAY IS JUST AN AWESOME KID. HE CAN PUT THE BIGGEST SMILE ON ANY FACE. LOVE HIM!!!




snapchat fun


the more stupid the photo the funnier they are.








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