8078EB15-D010-4E80-9B9E-4CD42EDFC163Happy Birthday to my main mate. Today is his day. So what does he plan on doing?????Well according to him, he has so much going on today. He’s cutting up that deer. Which means there will be a group of men, hanging in the garage all with carving knives. The whole thing kinda grosses me out. But its his thing, his birthday. So if he is happy we are ALL happy. They will have snacks, food, and Beer. So all is good. Then we are going out tonight to his LUCKYS of FENTON restaurant. His pick, his birthday!

Every castle members birthday you wake up to signs on the cabinet doors, started this years ago when the kids were little. The signs have gotten super obnoxious over the years. And depending on the person making the signs. The best is when you sneak one on the back of their car. HONK ITS MY BIRTHDAY. YES, we’ve all be sabotaged with that one. Carters been punked

with that one a lot, even if it’s not his birthday, people leave stuff on his car. For instance, yesterday as I was walking outside there was a green Halloween skeleton laying in the driveway, possibly from  Dino . BAM!!!!! put that thing on Carters car. He definitely drove around a while before he discovered it.

even the elf had a birthday wish!

We also got some snow last night, rumor has it that the opened our little ski/snowboard place. Not sure how the runs will be, but they’ve been making snow all week. So hoping we get to snowboard soon. I really want to get Jace out on the hill. We have a little Burton  Chopper snowboard for him to tear up the hill. It’s so cute and small.

baby Burton chopper
Dino would cry if he woke up to this!   lol

So with everyone settled, I’m going to the gym. Ashley goes to the gym super early every morning. And lately every time she leaves Dino wakes up and roams the house. I heard him this morning talking to Carter, Carter was basically telling him to go back to bed, and Dino was basically telling Carter NO. He was going to wait in the recliner for his momma.  So I guess that is what happened. Dino sat in his chair, until about 6am, waiting for his momma to return. Ashley goes to the gym early because then she knows we are all home with Dino, once the house is up and moving everyone is off doing stuff. But now that he has a big boy bed, he is all over the castle.

My Austin was a house roamer when he was little. We had to install little locks up super high on all the doors. He would get out of bed and let every animal we owned out of its cage. We had little parakeets, that would be flying around. Trevor had a Gecko ( creepiest thing ever), yep that would be crawling around. And we had a bunny Trixie. Trixie was the hardest to find during Stins “roaming the house stage” He would open her cage and she’d be gone for hours. We had to get a lock on the cage to prevent her death. So glad he’s still not in that stage . lol. Now , Its more like he roams the house looking for food during the night!

Happy sexy Saturday to all. Its going to be a great day

                         good nite to all.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox until tomorrow


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