One week away🎅🏼🤶🏻🎄

What is the plan for today?? lots to do. With Christmas only a week away, there is no time for play. 78C8185F-7631-4F06-A6B6-1F3BEAD23C62

Holidays can be a great time for some, and they can also be a depressing time for others. Ill admit I love the actual gift giving, even tho it can be quite trying. And now having older children/ adults it’s even harder. But what’s the hardest is being divorced and having to share the kids on holiday’s. Not fun.

When they were younger we kinda had a holiday system put in place. Did it work ??? Hell no. There were always kinks in the system. Now it’s about everyone, they all  have lots of places to go to, and not much time to do it. Plus with girlfriends/ wives / kids they have lots of obligations . Like I told my married son, be blessed to have such a big family that loves you and your family. Life goes by so quick. Enjoy it

As I’m standing in the gift card isle today, I realized you can get a gift card pretty much for anything. And it was there at the gift card isle that I had to laugh, a guys said I know you from the gym,  you run on the 4th treadmill. I looked over and said , wait you are the guy from the middle treadmill. lol

Our evening project is…… constructing  Jaces Christmas gift. He wants the lego Ninjago green dragon, with like 800 pieces. He loves legos, but we know he will want to play with it right away. So we are constructing it , super glueing it and wrapping the box. This is Day frickin 2!!!! On building this thing. My main mate and I have just completed it!!!! Soooo sweet!! He is getting other sets also to build together. But his reaction will be priceless when he gets this.


On on another note , my mates came home from the ex’s , each mate got an ALEXIS. Which is a wireless thing that you program to do a bunch of stuff. Yes it’s a really cool Device, but imagine hearing this all day……

Alexis turn off my lights

Alexis change the music 🎶

Alexis turn on my computer

but the thing was we were sitting there and Trevor all of A sudden started talking to us. 😳

super crazy! He could talk to the whole house, he said he was listening to us , good thing we weren’t talking shit about him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, then was like , hey Stin !!!! Technology is so out of control now! Amazing concept!!! I feel like my whole house is now run by this Alexis chick!!!


well I hope everybody had a great weekend!!

goodnite to all!!!





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