F5BEF6FE-F141-4688-9916-1825E10E1B47What a morning!

It all begin quite early, I got up and went to the gym. It was around 4am, a while later in bounces Ashley, she’s quite frazzled. According to her ” the elf” sabotaged her car keys. Some one had put the elf’s hat inside the nutcracker’s mouth and wrapped her car keys around the elf. Not sure when that went down, or why that went down, but the keys were missing and she woke up the castle mates in a panic. GLAD I WAS ALREADY OUT THE DOOR BEFORE THAT HAPPENED. But the funny thing, is everyone is denying touching her keys. I mean …….did the elf really do  that?????

my keys- my keys- find my keys

But I’m thinking that the mate who did sabotage the keys also did a little night time eating, because the sink was not up to standards. So once again there was a note left. On that note said, if this happens again, you will wake up with the dirty dishes in your bed next to you. And they know I would do it. lolol

I’m not mean , just trying to get some orginazation happening in the castle. The mates need constant reminders, especially the male gender mates. JUST SAYING!!!!


Carter learned a valuable relationship lesson. Dining out……

Carter… Lover where would you like to go to dinner??

Lover…..I don’t care really

Carter….how about Chinese???

Lover… , I don’t feel like Chinese


Lover….no, not in the mood

Carter….El Patio????(Mexican)

Lover…..ummmmm nay

Carter….ok, really where do you want to go????

Lover…..really carter I don’t care

CARTER’S new game plan………………………

Carter……Lover I’m taking you out for a surprise dinner, Do you want to try to guess where?????

The First Restaurant She says is where you go , it’s a win-win. She thinks she guessed it and your just happy you guys decided on a restaurant.🤣 I honestly think that is a wonderful idea 👍🏼❤ GO CARTER GO CARTER







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