P-Dog the man

Wow!!! Feels like I woke up in the tropics 🌴☀️

It’s 35 degrees out today, I might not even use the remote starter. Love when the weather is fun to go outside in. Could have used that yesterday snowboarding 🏂. Kicking E. Coli’s ass!!! P-dog the man☝️



Off work today, we are closed, so I plan to get a ton done.

Visit my dad, probably off and on all day. We live right by the hospital he’s in.

Really need groceries 🤔 put that for later on the list, hate grocery shopping

I need a car wash , been putting it off because of the freezing weather

Carter starts college back up today, so he’s good, vegan ashley starts tomorrow

Waiting on an update on” The Dog” aka p-dog. We got him laughing last night. Ashley and I made an evening visit and met Kim & Hailey up at the hospital. It was during his “new” nurses intake on him. Let’s just say he forgot his hearing aids so he was only half hearing her questions and was answering them super crazy.😂🤣

Example of a question and a P-dog answer……

How old were you when you had your first alcohol drink?

P-dog….. 30

Me ….. wait , what??? Dad you were 30??

P-dog…. yep I was 13!

Ashley….p-dog??? 30 or 13???

P-dog….. I don’t know ?? Maybe 25

Me….. so, dad you didn’t drink until I was 5???

P-dog…. yes , you caused me to drink 🤣🤣🤣

P-dog is a man who really never drinks , maybe twice a year. Christmas and Fourth of July, that is it. Or maybe a beer at a gathering.

We asked him after the nurse left why he was answering his questions all crazy, he just laughed, he doesn’t have time for all that nonsense 🤣🤣🤣

So I’m excited to see how his evening went.

Best DAD ever!!!xoxoxo


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