Extraordinary Day😌

Beautiful Sunday

Gym😳 was packed!!!! Not sure if working out was happening or socializing 🤔🤔🤔🤔. Oh well, you gotta give people credit just walking in the door.

Ran a ton of errands.

Visited my cousin last night, seen her new house.

Adorable. She looks super cute pregnant. She has just a little baby bump. Glad they are living closer now .

Was I the only one who was huge the moment I got pregnant??? I did lose it all after each kid, but I think I just popped the minute I got the positive pregnancy sign. I did have big baby’s tho. I think I felt pretty, but the looking back at pictures🤣🤣🤣🤣☝🏼, NOT!!!! I actually made a magazine story in Metro Baby magazine. They were looking for women with multiple children, with Unique birth stories for each child. Well they found me.

Ashley – water broke at home, started to labor , found out she was breech , c-section❤

Trevor – easiest pregnancy, easy birth. Pain in the ass child 🤣🤣🤣. Had an amazing birth with him. He was my smallest baby . 7lbs 4 ounces ❤

Austin- was hoping for a repeat of Trevor. Didn’t happen. Labored all day ( 2 days actually) hard labor, when it was time to push, he sucked back up thru the birth canal and became an emergency C-section. A rare thing in the birthing world. Nice job Stin! He was a beautiful baby, huge blue eyes❤

And then little Carter. A scheduled c-section. I was working labor & delivery when he was born, so I pretty much got to pick my whole OR staff, knew all my nurses. So it was like a 3 day party in there🎉🎊❤

So after searching for our famous magazine story, I haven’t been able to locate it. Probably due to the fact that everyone has a shit ton of boxes in the storage room, and I refuse to search no more. But it is cool, they came out to the house and took a bunch of pictures. Yes, Trevor was not thrilled at the time, he had better things to do. 🤣

Fun date with Carter & Lover yesterday. Went and seen the movie The Greatest Showmanship, what an awesome movie! Wasn’t quite sure when it first started. I was a little concerned that it was going to be some boring musical, but I have to say we all loved it, even Carter. We left the theater saying how we all wanted to learn to dance in a group. Then we all went out for dinner! Thanks Carter & Lover it was a Sunday Funday. We even came home and played a game of cards. So all in all it was a wonderful day❤

They soon took off, had enough of granny, so I went and hung out with a great friend, lots of girl talk( much needed) . She’s such a great person, glad to have her friendship 😘

What a great weekend, sad 😭 to see it come to an end.MICHIGAN FUN!!! CARTER’S BIG AIR CALIFORNIA FUN! Miss this ☝🏼

Good night 😘😴💤🌙 until tomorrow xoxoxo


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