Praying for NO Flu 😷

After an emotional day. Funeral. Most beautiful service I’ve been to. He was a veteran and had the full emotional service ❤. Proud to have known this great man. Our heart goes out to all his love ones❤

So we come home and invite Victoria and the blondes over to dinner. Trevor is out of town in Florida for business. So we thought we’d have a nice evening.

Poor Weston left puking. Not even here 20 minutes, gave him a warm bath, put some warm clothes on him. They left. Jace stayed for a while. Praying it’s not the flu 😷

He’s to young, hate to see him sick. And feel horrible to see him so miserable. Because he is the happiest kid ever! Love you Weston ❤

Tapped out for the night

So that is all for today


& sick little boy

Good night 🌙😘😴💤 to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo


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