Chili 🌶 on a Sun ☀️ Day !


🌶 Chili in the crockpot, made by the mainmate. Definitely will be spicy, hot, and a hit with Carter. After vegan ashley catches wind that the main mate made chili, there might be another crockpot next to it withVegan Chili in it. Which will be a hit with Stin!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
y Chili🌶😋

Cut all mates off of the Laundry room. Told them all week to go to the laundry mat. Their laundry must be done by today. Clean, dried and put away. Actually that’s really not too much to ask, for my adult lovely kids ❤❤. Ashleys got her shit good.

It’s not that I don’t want them using the washer & dryer, but it’s the ongoing issue of not completing the process. You throw the clothes in the washer you wash them , then they walk away and I need the washer and no one is around to complete their laundry. Well granny is done ✅. If you want clean clothes, go do them down the street. I will even throw in a TIDE POD. My 2 sons would not even notice this pile , ☝🏼

They would just continue their life walking around it and adding more shit to it😡

Granny’s on a rampage today!!! Sunday is not funday for 2 sons! Just saying ❤❤

It’s all part of growing up. Stin did his laundry on his own for 2 years in California, but I guess when you’re in Michigan you forget how to the do  laundry.🤔

Carter and Stins ☝🏼☝🏼Sunday will be ( see above)

*********************************************And Carter I don’t think he even knows what a washer or dryer are😤. I’ve showed him plenty of times the laundry room and how useful it can be , but for some reason ???? He intends to just ignore that part of the house🤣🤣🤣

washing machine ☝🏼

☝🏼dryer!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

————————————————————————-Ok, enough on my 2 headache sons ( who I love dearly) Dino has been obsessed with the solar system, him and Vegan Ashley’s lastest creation!!! It’s so sweet. Jace, is going to love this ☝🏼when he sees it. To bad I don’t have a place to save it for 6 years until the dreaded ” science Fair” . When your kids have to make sweet projects. It’s a super fun/ cool science fair. But when you have four kids and have to produce 4 sweet projects. It can get quite stressful in a household. Carter always got so into it. He always wants mechanical stuff. Trevor and Stin always wanted the stuff that blew up or volcanoes with the hot lava. And Vegan ashley always liked the food ones. Comparing boxes of cereal , popcorn, etc. ( are we even surprised 😳) lol

our little astronaut

this is so adorable.


good nite to all. until tomorrow xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


quick update on the lesson in doing your own laundry…..

Carter…I failed, lol….THANK YOU  LOVER!!!! SHE  went and helped him

Stin…..SUCCESS. Laundry complete.

1 out of 2 , not a bad day. lol


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