Just a little trip to the ER

Long night last night.

Dino is sick , RSV on breathing treatments, and double ear infection. Poor little boy. He’s a little trooper. When he woke up from sleeping the first thing he said was. Where’s my snacks??? Had to smile, most kids who are sick don’t even want to eat, not our little Dino. He loves his food and not going to miss out on his snacks .

When we were at the hospital Uncle Carter & Lover came to visit. Brought Dino his snacks and of course Carter needed a snack also.

Humus and pita chips in the ER, not a bad snack Carter. His whole fan club called, texted, FaceTime ( the blondes) and stopped up to check on him. His momma is exhausted. Ashley finally got to shower, after holding a sick puking boy😓, told Dino I would sing him his favorite song. He told me ” no thank you” I guess he’s not a fan of my singing. So sweet , love him so much. But he’s home from the hospital and doing much better❤❤❤❤️❤


Carter’s been doing Day Trading for quite a while now. such a cool thing, had to share. He’s been trying to teach/ explain the whole process with me. It can be complicated but he’s got a great program going.

Big Shout out To You Carter!!! One Proud Mother!!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Its Wednesday, I’m super tired, yes hard to believe. Super slap happy. I’m bound to piss off the main mate with this behavior. He’s already a little miffed at me. Who knows why this time lol, not really concerned. Just trying to get thru the work day. Help Stin with his business, 1 call away store is super busy, hit the gym, then hit the bed. Already planned out my day. Nothing very exciting.

Update on Dino Much better, eating, fever down. Watching his movies. Life is good 😍

After breathing treatment He’s catching some air on that trampoline 🤣

Good evening to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo



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