Monday Blue’s 😦

Do you ever feel the Monday blues??? Yes , we all do. Not feeling to hot this morning. Not feeling sick either. Feel drained, tired and overwhelmed. Get me thru this busy Monday work day. I know I can distress later at the gym.

I also need to talk to a castle member, thinking someone had an overnight guest last night. πŸ€”πŸ€” or maybe the guest fell asleep and just left super late/ early morning????? Not sure, really like the ” visiting guest” but no overnights allowed! Just saying! Not a hotel! Castle is full! So , when you wake up super early, headache, tired, and shits a little shady in the castle. You know if the main mate gets wind of this! WOWZER!!! He will be pissed! πŸ™ˆ

Please don’t piss off the main mate on a Monday!! Make it a long week

Give this kid a haircut!!! Must needed! Love the curls, but it’s super long

Tell Ashley some boy needs a haircut!!🀣🀣❀ He let’s me ” style ” his hair every night, it’s soooo stinking cute, but it looks like a wig. 🀣🀣 after I brush it out, he always has to find Stin to show him how ” SLICK” he is.

Yes, he’s talking in this photo. He has so much to say.

Big Hair, Don’t Care

how I felt on this MondayπŸ™ƒ

This made me laugh, we all probably can relate to this at times. Lol

Like when we feel unappreciated, overwhelmed, tired, and just need a hug sometimes.

Hope your day was better than mine. Can only get better, Monday’s almost over. Hoping to tackle a terrific Tuesday tomorrow😊


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