Happy Fat Tuesday

After my not so hot day yesterday, excited to get this Tuesday started.

Oh , and to add to my messed up Monday, not sure if I told you. My BIG toe got ran over by an OR cart ( yes, the beds you see whizzing down the hospital hallways) well, it crushed my toe. It was one of those times when you wanted to ……STOP, DROP, and CRAWL into a fetal position and sob like a baby. Or roll around on the ground swearing. But NO!!! I had to maintain my professional composure and act like no big deal.

We wrapped it, it’s swollen today and blue and pretty numb. Probably should have gotten some X-ray’s, but I’m good. Still managed to get my fitness on last night crushed toe and all.

She was super bad ass last night!!!☝🏼 amazing

wow!!! Love watching the snowboarding πŸ‚ Olympics. Such talented Athletics. Actually all of the sports are sweet to watch. Caught some of the bobsledding this morning. Now that’s some crazy stuff. Seen a crash, ouch!!!!!

what’s your favorite winter Olympic sport???


Happy Fat Tuesday!!

Picked up our Paczki donuts. Mates will be in heaven πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

They are just from the local store, nothing like the official Paczki that everyone brags about, but they will be happy 😍

I’ve heard all kinds of rumors about the calories and fat content. Who knows the truth, just know that they are loaded with fat, high in calories and really only available guilty free once a year!!! So go ahead and indulge and enjoy! Just step up you game later at the gym.

I never was a fan of these Donuts. But the males in the castle love them❀

Some Fat Tuesday Facts

Flavors they offer:

I think they have a prune flavor also, not a prune fan, but people swear by it. πŸ’©

Custard is the hit at the castle .

Hope everyone had a great Fat Tuesday, enjoy your evening

Goodnight to all , until tomorrow xoxoxo 😘


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