Ranger got hit by a car 😰

So yesterday as I’m driving home , I get a call from Stin, freaking out. Ranger ( our Brittany Spaniel) got hit by a car. And took off running. Stin was completely overwhelmed. Him and carter were searching for him. The lady who hit him called the police and made a report. She wasn’t sure who’s dog it was , since ranger had gone to the park across the street from our house.

Someone had seen it and stopped to tell my Boys that they thought it was Range dog that was hit.

The car that hit him was totally smashed in the front. So they were in shock and knew he must have been very hurt. But where was he???

So both Carter and Stin were looking everywhere. I drove like crazy to get home. The search begin. Soon….we had  PDog, main mate, Lover, Carter , Megan, Stin, Gma , Ashley, Trevor, Victoria and my 3 grandsons were all over the place  looking. No sign at all. We were crying , yelling his name. We were afraid he had gotten severely hurt and had laid down . Soon half the neighborhood was looking . My neighbor even posted his picture on Facebook. Thank you Amy, and thank you Rob for asking around and driving around looking, you guys are awesome. We called all the local vets, and emergency vet hospitals. No sign of him. It was now getting very dark and late. But our search continued. We had people all over. Flashlights, headlights, we were afraid he could have even went on the unsafe lake. We spoke to The police officer that had written the report from the lady that hit him . And that information was, he took off running to the lake, and that he must be severely injured.

We went up and down the lakefront houses looking for any sign , nothing!!!😰😢😰😢😰

I personally went thru my parents whole yard 4 times, looking under the deck, under the canoe, anywhere a dog could fit. Nothing.

We went to all of his running away hideouts. Which is  the neighbor’s garage, and my parents house. The neighbor was looking with us, thank you Levi, your awesome.  His garage had no evidence of Ranger there, and we all went thru my parents property. No Ranger 😢

This went on for over 4 hours. We were getting ready to meet back at the house, there was maybe 8 of us in parents driveway talking, crying. When out of nowhere……. my dad and Ranger come walking up the driveway. Pdog was shocked, he said Ranger came out of nowhere and limped up to him. PDOG SAVES THE DAY!!!! PDOG’S THE MAN!!! PDOG FINDS RANGER!!!!

His leg is messed up, and he’s definitely a bit off. But he was alive and basically well. He is going in for a full check up .

We all went back to the castle and gave Range lots of lovin. It’s almost an unbelievable story. But all we can say is thank u god , for bringing Range dog home safe❤

We still don’t know where he was for the last 4 plus hours, did someone take him in to warm up, and not see or hear the major search party happening. ( not sure how you could have missed us all)

But it really made us all stop and take a moment to hug Ranger. He drives us all crazy, but he’s one hell of a dog❤

Love you Ranger ❤ Glad you are ok

That is all for tonight, goodnight 😴😘🌙💤 to all until tomorrow xoxoxo

Stop and hug your dog🤗


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