Spring Break 🌴Shopping Saturday

Great start to this Saturday…..

we usually wake up with Dino , ashley works on Saturday. We spend the morning with him then he goes to my moms. Today….. Dino decided to lock his bedroom door, and then take a 6 lb vegan shit!!! All his diapers , wipes, clothes etc were in the locked bedroom. We had no clue where the key was or if we even had a key. As the smell grew worse, the door was pretty much disassembled. Of course I found an old bag of Random 🔑 keys. I found so many keys that I didn’t know we had, everything has a key now🤣🤣🤣life is good at the castle 🤣🤣

So today is spring break shopping, I should bec happy but like I’ve said a zillion times….. I’m not a shopper. Especially swimsuits. So far during my spring break shopping trip I have purchased a new pair of running shoes🤣🤣🤣

Not sure how I even made it to the shoe department. No shorts , no swimsuits, no sundresses. But I walked out with a sweet ass pair of running shoes excited to use them at the gym tomorrow. Yes! I’m an odd one

I tell myself every time I buy running shoes ….only get New Balance, don’t want to order them online, and can’t find the shoe I want anywhere. So I keep buying other brands and it’s not the same. I like Nike also, but prefer to run in New Balance.

Never ran in Under Armour shoes! A little costly, but light weight and felt great on my feet, plus had my size.

And quite stylish if you ask me

Hoping for more spring break success in my next store. Lover said 🎯 Target has nicesuits! And I like Old Navy for shorts. We shall see

Epic disaster!

First problem….. I’m so white I glow in the dressing room, definitely need a Florida tan

Second issue…. duh 🙄 I swear my body is misshaped . All woman say this I’m sure

Biggest issue I have…… no patience for shopping!!! Drives me crazy , the people, the dressing rooms everything about it!!!

Shopping sucked

But had a nice dinner out tonight with a few of my mates! Thank you Ashley, Dino And Stin. Dinner was fun! We entertain each other quite well.


My poor Jace ( one of the blondes is 😷 sick) dropped off some stuff to him and his brother!

Need him to get well, hate when they are sick


Suppose to go listen to a band tonight with my main mate, They just opened a new Bar& Grill not far.

He went to Autorama ( hot rod car show) today so not sure if our date is still happening tonight.

He left with a toothache…… yes, I said a toothache so not sure how he will feel later

Shit , I’m thinking feed him NyQuil!!! Make the pain and misery to the rest of us and go away

Enjoy your Saturday night 🍺🍷🥃

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo


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