Dino’s Gymnastics Day

Good morning!!!! It’s a Sunday and it’s going to be a beautiful day!!!!

The best news of the morning is……. Dino took his 6 lb vegan 💩 on the potty 🚽!!!! So he’s been running around in his undies all morning. He is semi potty trained. That alone is a beautiful thing!!!

Now we are getting ready for our gymnastics class. But before his class he decided he needs to do a project 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈.

Sometimes you have to bust out a project early morning. Then you have to sit in the bathroom singing while your mom takes a shower.

Welcome Landon ( Dino) to gymnastics!

Tell me this place is not sweet!

The new kid got to carry the sign in 🤣🤣

They have a bunch of stations that the kids go to, I can definitely see why they need a parent involved🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I’m not sure who is enjoying this the most ….Ashley and I or Dino!! He loves it ❤

After a long work out of gymnastics, he is knocked out!!!!


Well Carter and the main mate went to go pick up a fishing 🎣 kayak. Carter plans on fishing the whole time we go to Florida. Him and Trevor are both bringing boats down there to fish 🐟. So far this is how the trip is going down. Carter will be driving down with the blondes and family, plus the 2 boats , my bike , my luggage. I will be flying over them in a Delta flight, renting a car and meeting them at my parents spot in Ft. Desoto . No , I’m not a diva but the 24 hour drive is not my thing , I did it for years growing up. I did it for years with my kids ( by myself, without the ex) . But I prefer flying now! Much easier lol

Yes by flying there I will miss the famous Florida ” welcome station” . But honestly I’m not an orange juice kinda girl so I will survive.

Hope everyone had a great weekend

Good nite to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo


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