Clothes for All

Hello Monday

One thing I have noticed about living with a bunch of adults is…… clothes?????

Everyone just wears each other’s clothes. It seems like a free for all. I looked at Ashley the other day🤔🤔🤔ummm nice sweat shirt. Yep, it was mine. Haven’t seen it since it changed ownership. But carter is the best , he will wear anything of anybody’s that could, I repeat Could be clean. He films for his company and I was watching one of his documents with the main mate and he’s wearing the main mates shirt🤣😂🤣😂.

I can be just as bad, I’ll grab a sweatshirt off the dryer not really sure who’s it is. One day I was sporting a sweatshirt and Lover says, I got Carter that same shirt, well of course it WAS Carters shirt she got him.

Another time I was wearing my Kid Rock concert T-Shirt , and Lover literally walked in wearing the same shirt and it was Carter’s. Being the blonde I am, I actually said, hey did someone in your family go to that concert. Same shirt, same day. Matter of fact I haven’t seen that shirt since. 🤣🤣

Socks are fair game, find a match and claim them . Pants you are safe with , no one really steals pants.

Stin is fairly lucky, he’s tall, lean and no one fits into his stuff. Carter might score a shirt every once in a while, but that’s really about it.


Are trip is in full planning mode. I even found a gym not to far in St Petes if I need to escape, always need an escape plan put in place! 🤣

Can’t wait for some fun in the sun. My main mate is staying at the castle along with some other mates, but Carter and I travel well together and are sooooo excited for Florida! 🎣🏄‍♀️🚤🌞🔥

Well it’s been a long day , Monday , work , gym and now relaxation time ! Does anyone at the castle ever relax ????

Goodnight to all , until tomorrow , xoxoxox


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