Little Things we all seem to do? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

First things first…..

Happy International women’s day!

To all you great women out there😘

It’s so nice to have our day ❀


Why is it that here I work out every day, literally run on a treadmill and love it. But today when I got to the gym , I realized I left my running shoes in the jeep , i’m completely put out. Don’t feel like going to the car to get them. Mad I left them in there. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Super jacked up parking, hoping they are friends playing a joke on each other☝🏼😳


Well , I did run out there , grab the shoes and wasn’t delayed that long . But that’s just like , why do people try to get the closest parking spot to the door at the gym. Your at the gym , a few extra steps won’t hurt if you find a parking spot not right by the door . But I tend to do that also , except I park to the side usually by the same cars daily, is that only my parking spot??? No of course not, but am I mad if I can’t park there???? Possibly YES!!!

I think we all do that with different things . Headphones 🎧 ???? Yes I’ll run back to the car for them. What about phones??? If you left your phone at home would you turn around for it???? Majority people would. 88% would go get that phone πŸ“±


But only 40% of people would turn around for their drivers license, or purse. Where are our priorities people!!!


What about pumping gas??? How low does your tank go?? I’ll get gas before quarter of tank . Always start Sunday evening with a full tank. I think some of my mates let their tanks run quite low, possibly with the gas light on, and talk about now they need gas for 2 days. Sorry , I don’t work like that , just go get the gas⛽️.

Weston’s School day

Weston celebrates Dr. Seuss day. With green eggs & ham

He looks thrilled about those green eggs❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀.

He’s not feeling well, caught the sickness from his brother. Feel better Weston, we love you 😘

3 weeks and this will be our status !!! Can’t wait for a little vacation. Fun in the sun, fishing, beaches , blondes, sand castles, sun block and sunsets

Florida bound# spring break 2018❀Hoping they catch dinner for us. Fishing Ft Desoto#family#cousins🌞🌴🦈 only 3 weeks away🐚

Enjoy your Thursday, goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo


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