EGG specular DAY 🐣🐰

Party night!

We’ve got 72 eggs boiling on the stove this morning. Tables being lined up and looking to borrow chairs.

Lover surprised me with a ” Galaxy egg kit” the kids are going to love it, after all we have a solar system in the other room.

Boiling eggs, there are so many ways to boil a freakin egg. I grew up were you put them in a pot of water and boiled away. Now you can” add a pinch ” of salt, boil for 1 minute, then cover them and let them sit for 17 minutes and you get the perfect egg.

We are trying the 17 minute recipe. Definitely setting a timer, because anyone that knows me 😳😳!!!!! Knows those eggs will be long forgotten.

Dino was watching ” checking on the Easter eggs all morning”

super successful day!

We had soooo many eggs to decorate, a great dinner! Lots of fun

Putting the egg inside the plastic bag ( sandwich bags work awesome) and even using food dye works great ! The eggs were super cool looking .

Even Trevor got involved in the fun ❤

Carter and Jace playing the bunny catch game .

My beautiful Victoria , and her adorable baby bump .

After a full fun day, we are ready to retire. Movie time, relaxing

Goodnight 😴 to all , until tomorrow, xoxo

Thank you for making it a family fun day! Love you all


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