Savage Tan? 🌞

To tan or bare the white body????

Going on vacation, do you pre tan ? Get a little base so you don’t fry???? Or battle it with sun block and pray for the best???

I’m an 80’s chick so we’ve been tan almost our whole life. I’m pretty sure my generation came out of the womb tan. We were the product of the tanning beds, I even worked at a tanning salon in high school. And it was the happening job, everyone went there. No one worried about their skin. We just worried if our skin was tan. And not just tan , it had to be the ” savage tan”

Then as we aged we started to cover up a bit, still had a tan, just not as dark. Then as we had kids, are kids were head to toe in sunblock. Not an ounce of color on their sunless bodies.

Here’s an 80’s chick for sure☝🏼☝🏼


And we all thought we were soooo sweet with our tans. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tan. But also trying to preserve my skin just a little ❀

Then as we aged even more 😑😑😑, we ( well at least I do) try to get a little color but sunblock the face. Gotta watch now for wrinkles. Yes, aging sucks but we all do it.

So that leaves me back to the big question??? Should I go for just a base tan??? A spray tan??? Plus, don’t you all agree every one looks better with a little color!!!

So as I battle this tanning dilemma. I do know I will get some sort of color before I go. We’ve all been sunburn and it really sucks. It’s like throwing 2 vacation days out the window. And I know we will be outside pretty much our whole trip , including meals, minus sleeping.

Honestly who goes down to Florida from Michigan to eat inside??? We take full advantage of the nice weather. We kinda unplug, no tv at least . But still have iPads/ phones etc. Wait…….. I guess we really aren’t unplugging 🀣🀣🀣🀣 you pretty much have whatever you need on an iPad nowadays.

So this was tanning Tuesday??? Yeah or nay???

Thanks for listening

Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ to all until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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