It’s the first time in years that we are not getting our spirit wear ready for some baseball with Carter.

We are not going to tryouts, we did not go to winter baseball training camps, we did not hit up a hitting clinic 😞☹️😟

What does Spring mean to us ???? Baseball ⚾️

The little pitcher❤

Does this make me sad without the traveling fun, the mom friends we make, the crazy stuff that goes down at a game. Oh and we all get so involved. Yelling , wearing all our spirit wear etc. Yes, very sad 😰

The catcher❤

We sat thru rain, snow, wind storms, and 100 plus degrees. We’ve had injuries all the way, arms, elbows from pitching. Possibly a heat stroke while catching in a tournament.

The umpire ❤🤣🤣🤣 all he wanted to do was Toss an obnoxious parent out of the game ( at least that’s what he said to us ) lol, he never did !

The blonde team❤🤣❤🤣❤🤣❤🤣❤🤣❤

A baseball players dream!!! Cooperstown ⚾️

The injured❤

The Lover❤

team of the day with the Detroit Tigers❤

We’ve traveled to quite a few places. Cooperstown was an amazing experience for Carter, his team and even us ( his family) . That was the Ultimate baseball ⚾️ experience. The team was an extremely close fun team, they lived the dream at a baseball park for a week. New York hosts the Cooperstown stadium. The whole team dyed their hair platinum blonde. So much fun.

Then he moved on to high school baseball ⚾️, while still playing travel, so life was even crazier. Double header games all week long. The tournaments on the weekend. It was a busy time. But boy do I miss it!

It all goes by so fast , Carters doing awesome, enjoying college, he’s huge into finance, day trading ,stocks, marketing and banking ( and Lover🤣) Does he miss baseball ⚾️??? Yes , but he’s also all about getting an education and being successful , making money, working out. And hanging out. I do feel like baseball gave him lots of great qualities. Confidence, determination, hard work, dedication and The ability to make smart choices ( at such a hard age)

So proud of you carter, keep us the great work!!!

Oh and don’t worry about his fan club, grandson Jace ( one of the blondes) starts t-ball in April. And I’m sure the whole fan club will be there, with all new spirit wear❤⚾️🤣

Oh, heck granny will probably even be at the practices. After all carter has him running bases in the castle ( don’t tell main mate 🤣😂)

Love the sport! Kids grow up way to quick! Enjoy it all while you can 💜

Good night to all, until tomorrow , xoxoxo



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