Fire Alarm / Just granny cooking 不不不不不

Happy Sunday

The fun thing about St Pattys Day is everywhere you go you see people in green. The Bank…. the drive thru teller had a headband with green Antena’a sticking out with green pompom balls. Kroger the whole place was covered in green. Staff, shoppers, heck you couldn’t even figure out who worked there and who was shopping. But the biggest kicker was the gym, yes I had a green t-shirt on, yes it said ” kiss me I’m Irish ” lol but there was a guy in there that looked like he was going straight to a party after his workout. Green beaded necklace, green leg tights with green shorts , and a green St Pattys shirt, but he also had a green and orange stripe tie!!! And he was on the elliptical. His tie was flapping all over the place. If he had a hat on, he could have won best dress forsure!!!!

How cool to see people having fun

On another note….. here’s how our Sunday morning went……

woke up next to Dino, he crawled in sometime early morning, his mother is working today. So after getting up and about. We decided to make Uncle Trevor his brownies he’s been crying about all week. Got them cooking , Dino had been coughing all morning so I gave him his medicine. The main mate decided to make breakfast pizza and asked me to cook the sausage, while he ran to get the rest of the stuff from the store, got that going. Well , next thing you know the fire alarm is going off and I can’t get it to shut off!!!! It’s freakin loud!

Ok , do the visual…. sausage frying, brownies baking, house is now a little smokey. No one!!!

Not one castle member even opened their bedroom door. Ranger was running around all crazy barking, Heni is hiding behind the couch!!!Ugh!!!

This went on for a little while lol

So I open all the windows, alarm finally stops, main mate walks in, has no clue what even what down. Sooo I start thinking is Stin sleeping with headphones , what is his status. Because when the alarms go off, some voice on the upstairs alarm actually talks and says ” fire, fire ” and is super loud!!!

So I venture upstairs to see what the Stin status is…….. no Stin. Guess he decided to not return to the castle last night which is fine , but I just like to know if your not coming home .

Dino is meanwhile almost asleep on the couch, I’m wondering why???? He could care a less about all the noise

Come to find out I gave him the night time cough medicine!!! Omg!!! I’m a train wreck this morning!!!!!

Then we had to get ready for gymnastics, Dino goes on Sunday and granny’s taking him. And he’s not coughing any more but super tired.

Carter meanwhile slept thru the whole smoke alarm, not a word from him. Actually I didn’t even see carter until later in the day, he had no clue about my crazy morning!!!

But on a good note, breakfast pizza was a success and Trevor will be surprised today with his brownies. All is good!

Gymnastics went well, he was very tired, came home and slept for 2 hours喫喫喫喫. Had to tell Ashley about the medicine mishap, but it really worked out for the best , he rested, not coughed and felt like a gem when he got up. Princess Grannys got it going on!!!!! No I do not drug my kids, even tho it crossed my mind maybe a few times.

So funny, and I see this shit happening daily不

Enjoying the beautiful day, taking a walk with the dogs! Life is good

great weekend, back to Monday , but getting closer to a much needed vacation

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo

PS. The blonde family loved the brownies


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