Gas Virus/ Ugh #poorDino

Gas! And I’m not talking about the kind you put in a car.

Love him, even with his smelly bum❤🤣

Poor Dino must have the Rotavirus, or some sort of gastrointestinal issue happening. Because his cute little butt just bombed out the whole house. And anyone who has had a kid that has had Rotavirus you will never forget the smell. It’s that distinctive smell, The one that makes you want to puke. He first gassed out my jeep, literally in a matter of seconds. Thought I would barf on the spot. And then proceeded to tell me, he made a stinker.

No these are not stinkers, these are fricken shit bombs, that you check to see if someone actually shit their pants. Then he bombed out my parents house. That was the next time I thought I would barf.

And it’s not like he’s laying there all sick, he’s running around playing, crop dusting where ever he is .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣remember, he is only 2 1/2 yrs old so , he’s really has no idea how bad it is. 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

Stin swears he can smell it upstairs, how Stin is feeling like he wants to puke,🤣 well, I wouldn’t be surprised 😳.

I pray this is a quick gas issue because everyone is walking around saying they want to puke!

Dino has had all his vaccinations, so this might just be a stomach virus. But whatever it is sure does smell!!! Imagine how it went down at preschool, you know they kept thinking someone 💩their pants🤣

Sorry for sharing such smelly stuff on this Wednesday night, BUTT 🤣 honestly that is what is going on big time at the castle .

Hoping to wake up to a new smell and a new day! Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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