Swearing 😱

Beautiful evening with Dino and the blondes. They all ate a great dinner, played just about every game we own. And we own a ton of games.

They all play really well now, sharing is going good. During them chatting away , all of a sudden Dino says ” awww SHIT Jace ” and Jace says back to Dino…. Dino , don’t say Shit.

Dino… yes I know Jace Shit is a bad word.

Jace…. yes I know that Shit is a bad word Dino

Dino…. Weston don’t say Shit

Weston…. ok

Jace…… only adults can say Shit

Dino ….. I know adults say shit

Jace ……. yeah, my dad says Shit

I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 , first off both Dino & Jace said the word Shit about 7 times each, telling each other not to say it.

But when Jace says ” my dad says the word Shit” buts he’s an adult. I was trying not to laugh.

The innocence of a child is priceless

Weston meanwhile didn’t even bother with listening to any of their shit, he was to busy playing and not giving a shit about what they were saying!!!

They’ve all had their bad word moment. It’s had become with all the adults Dino lives with I’m sure he occasionally hears some bad words 😳

Which we are working on not saying.

No swearing allowed

Throwback for you today

Easter baby’s Jace and his cousin Audrey

Here’s taking it way back to ” Little Brown Jug” days, if your from ” UNION LAKE” you will Recognize the joint❤

One week from today and I’m out of here✈️✈️

Count down until getaway, must needed, going crazy at the castle 🤣

Goodnight 💤😴🌙 to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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