Ok so Dino visited the Easter bunny yesterday. The Bunny was not a hit. Aka Creepy Bunny freaked him out .

Never was a fan of the whole Easter Bunny photo, my kids did not care for the bunny either. They loved Easter , the egg coloring, finding their baskets on Easter morning and would even yell ” thank you Easter bunny” . But to sit them on the creepy bunnys lap!!! No way!!

Trevor wanted nothing at all to do with the bunny. Hated getting all fancy dressed and dragged to some store. Not a good day in his book. Didn’t care if they had a piece of candy for him. He was good watching that creepy bunny from far away. 🤣🤣

So over the years , they started to call the ” mall Easter bunny” the creepy bunny.

Last year we took all the boys . Jace aka Trevor junior was not a fan either

Please notice Jace would not let the bunny touch his shirt. Poor Weston looks like he shit his pants, and was Forced to pose on the bunny 🤣🤣

Dino last year took it all in stride. He was more interested in playing with his cousin

Cousins discussing the creepy 🐰 bunny👆🏼

Jace preferred sitting on his moms lap and not the creepy bunny

Always one eye on the creepy bunny🤣

Dino was not happy with the bunny , but loved ” The Rain Forest Cafe”

What a fun date he had with Aunt Jaqu’ and his momma ❤

When you want to have a picnic and it’s to cold for ice cream outside, you make uncle Carter eat on the floor with you .( yes, vegan ice cream 🙄)

Happy Saturday to all!

Goodnight 💤 to all , until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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