Bed ridden Tuesday/ not fun

Still 😷 sick

Ugh!!! Slept most of this day. Couldn’t even enjoy watching any flicks on TV. Bad headache 🤕. Really didn’t leave my part of the castle all day.

Carter barfed and feels a lot better. Why do I not feel better??? I barfed and still feel like shit !

Carter’s illness was a total of 10 minutes👆🏼puked then back in the game.

Do not wish this illness on even my worst enemy.

My new diet consists of…. a piece of a ” honey crisp ” apple and chicken bouillon cube. Like 4 sips. Yes, I do not want to get dehydrated, so yes I will try to drink more water 💦.

Dino is not allowed near me so he went to the window outside my bedroom to say hello. He is the last person we need sick. He loves to ask me” granny how are you feeling ?” I replied ” granny feels like POOP” made him laugh, so now he asks me every time I open my bedroom door .

Hoping to wake up tomorrow to a whole new me😀

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo 😘


One thought on “Bed ridden Tuesday/ not fun

  1. Jim March 28, 2018 / 1:06 am

    ha ha! “feels like poop.” now that’s funny.


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