Peace out ✌️ Michigan

Not feeling 100% , but this chick is out of here✈️

So far no problems with spirit, the airport is packed and I’m enjoying listening to all the young spring breakers, as they plan their party adventures. This guy sitting across from me just actually called in sick to his work. The lady next to me called him out on it, and everyone is joking around with him now about it. To funny.

Then we have the chick that must be heading straight to the beach when we land, she’s wearing a beach cover up , 😂😂😂!!! It’s 6:30am and she’s ready to hit the beach. I honestly think a few of my co- passengers have been partying this morning. Because we are an interesting group here.

Their is a frickin birthday party going down on this flight. Happy birthday 🎈 to Bailey ( she’s 22 yrs old today) and has been going strong since last night!! To be young.

The Blondes are just entering Florida, it’s about 10 hours to the destination from entering Florida. Trevor has made awesome time driving, I’ve been talking to Victoria and the young blondes are over their car seats, their poor backs hurt and want out of the car , Carter has not taken his headphones off the whole trip according to Victoria 🤣🤣🤣

The blondes love strawberries and so far that has been the key to peace, but Victoria thinks they are at their limit with strawberries 🍓 I had to laugh, what an interesting snack on a road trip. Strawberries, how perfect, not all hyped up on sugar snack. What a great choice, and the boys love them.

Beach day!!! Great day!

goodnight to all , until tomorrow,xoxoxo


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