Happy 🐣 Easter

Carter being rescued, boat got blown over by some asshole cutting him off. It’s the ocean, there is so much room. Not cool jet ski driver😡 carter is scraped up , but ok

Our little Gma is not feeling to good,she decided to have a chill day. I went to the beach , blondes and family went fishing, pdog and carter went to visit family.

So at this beach there is an huge sand bar that has all the cool shells and sand dollars. But to get there you have to make ” the swim”. The current is super strong. And they keep the rescue squad right at the point where everyone goes to cross. That was my goal today

Its one of those things that looks easy , but isn’t. So Granny took on the challenge. Obviously I made it because I’m writing this. No rescue squad needed. Actually talked with the rescue crew before my swim, they informed me the current is super strong and with the beach being packed to be careful!!! So the challenge was on…..

But the really problem was , I found a ton of shells , how was I going to bring them back across. There is also a huge boat party inthe other side, grill, music, so it was easy to get a plastic bag for all my loot.

Part of today’s shell, sand dollar score. But after I borrowed the plastic bag the guy actually said, throw out the bag because I had a bunch of bait in it to attract sea turtles😳😳😳😳😳 ok, thanks for the ⚠️ warning!!!

Beautiful day!!

Ending with Gma feeling a little better, blondes had a blast on the boat, Carter was in charge of Easter dinner, and pulled thru!!!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxoxo😘

Happy Easter main mate❤, Ashley, Stin, Megan, lover, and my little loveDino

Always thinking of my daughter! Hot Ash!!❤


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