Deadliest Catch Fishing πŸŽ£

Fishing in Florida with Trevor and Carter is like a scene from Deadliest Catch. You put fishing Pots all over Tampa Bay , bait the pots, check the pots. They let Jace and I pull up the pots.

I was in charge of the hook, what a fun experience. We pulled up a few crabs, and some creepy things .

A man on a mission

when you are missing Lover

You FaceTime her every night ❀❀❀❀❀❀

Jace with the live starfish , he put it back in the ocean , but had to get a picture first

Gma and PDog

Just chilling , watching the blondes in the play structure

They shrimp hunt at night, this goes down at dark. Yep, my little Jace is out there, and he’s loving it!!! Granny does not step in Florida water at dark. I picked up a beautiful shell today at the beach and something was moving in it.

Carter and Jace caught a lizard, we now have a pet, they named him Lloyd

Meet Lloyd the lizard 🦎

victoria is a hero, 17 weeks pregnant and camping, fishing , a pregnant warrior!!!!

The hero is tapped out!

Weston now has a pet, we now have 2 pets

Meet Zane

Carter and Zane bonding

Lizard earring, very nice Carter!

I feel like a total hunter now, if were not hunting fish, shrimp 🍀, πŸ¦€ crab, we are hunting lizards 🦎! Florida living at its finest then off to the beach❀kite fishing , yep the kite is so far away on Trevor’s fishing pole ❀

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo

Update on the kites….. they crashed landed in to the sunbathers behind us 😳🀣


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