Peace out Florida

Die hard fisherman👆🏼

Woke up to all the guys out fishing, I guess Trevor had a huge fish and lost it, Bummer, but it’s all about the fun. Glad he got to spend over a week on the ocean in his boat. The boys love the whole boat, beach, ocean, swimming thing. And surprisingly they managed to not get completely fried( sunburnt)

Flying back to snow is not fun when it’s April !!!

Saying goodbye is not fun either. But it’s been a great vacation, lots of fun, laughs and enjoyment with my family. The blondes will be packing up soon and making the road trip back.

Carter has extended his vacation, must be nice to stay the longer and come home Monday. Ummmmm why am I not on that plan!!!

Tampa airport, nice place, but I had to take 2 trains to get to the terminal. Oh well. Glad I checked the trunk of my rental , found my winter jacket I threw in it when I got here. I guess it will be handy when I land.

Excited to see Dino, missed that little kid. I left and he was in diapers and now he’s in undies. So proud of him

Guaranteed he will have a lot to say and I can’t wait!!

✈️🌴🍤🐚🦀🎣until another time❤❤❤❤

goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxoxoxoxo


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