Describe Odd to meπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

I’m thinking my main mate is getting a little odd. Just kidding, but lately ( I’m not complaining at all, just so you all know) but just sharing my insight on a few things.

Ok….. bathroom. For the most part no one uses our “new” bathroom but us. Once in a while the kids will use it, I’ve found the blondes in there a ton, Dino also. No biggie. But now every time I go to the bathroom the toilet paper is like this

What’s with the fancy point??? It did make me laugh, but now it’s every time you go in there. The main mate likes the πŸ‘€ look. Ok it’s freakin toilet paper, you wipe your ass with it, does it really need the special point????

And no….. I’m not re making the point after I use toilet paper. Yes, it looks nice but honestly no one sees it…

My roll🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 makes main mate crazy, yes I know…not cool, I only do this to irritate him.

Another amazing thing he does…… he cleans the floors just about every night, yes, once again I love our new floors, they are gorgeous. But every one is gone throughout the day and they really aren’t dirty. But he has a routine with cleaning them. Yes, I love that he does that but it’s probably not quite necessary to do it every day????

I know I’m not sounding great full for all his hard work, I really appreciate it. For instance, Ashley dropped a glass the other day. We cleaned it up our style. Glass was all gone, swept, vacuumed, floor mopped not one sliver of glass anywhere. When the main mate heard about the glass, he repeated all our steps and finished with his special floor cleaning!!!!! Is he just anal??? Duh! Yes! But WOWZER!!!

We all have our little quirks. Things that we like a certain way, things no one is allowed to touch. My biggest one is phone charger, don’t touch it, borrow it, feel free to use it if needed in my location, but if you remove it….. you could be homeless!!!!! Stin that was meant directly towards you. Just saying ❀


Started a new thing. An apple a day. Bought me a bunch of honey crisp apples. So good.

Not sure if it has a ton of health benefits


Victoria went to the doctors today, baby is doing awesome. Gender ultrasound has been scheduled, the big reveal Saturday April 28th❀❀❀. Her ultrasound is on the 24th, I think their putting the gender in an envelope and giving to a friend to help set up the party!!! So exciting! Remember they have 2 blonde boys, we breed boys, I have 1daughter and 3 boys. But honestly healthy is all we really want .

Happy Wednesday

Goodnight πŸ’€ to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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