Friday’s feature! 😴

I don’t know about you, but I’m sooo happy it’s Friday!!! Long busy week. After a beautiful evening last night, 70°

Driving to work this morning, I realized I really need to clean out my jeep. It now looks like it’s my second home. I put my baseball chairs init❤⚾️, I have my gym bag in it, magazines, Dinos clothes, a stuffed animal and cans for carter to return. Omg!!! If the main mate even seen all this crap he would die.😡😡😡😡😡

Definitely putting clean jeep on the to do list.


Is spring finally here…..went outside on lunch break today and omg!!!! Gorgeous day!!!!!i want to do my run around the lake tonight, I hope it stays nice so I can

the reason for this picture 👆🏼, some guy asked me to be his tiger!!! Really ??? Is that a compliment??? I’m not quite sure, but ummmmm ok. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The stuff people say, I guess I say stupid stuff a lot also, so who am I to talk …….

Working tomorrow, never ever really work on the weekends, but they need help and I need to restart my vacation funding. After loving my Florida trip, we are playing to go to keywest next year. Trying to put all the dates in the book and see who’s on board. The blondes and family are down for it, and we vacation good with them. We found a place, talked to the guy and just trying to get it all squared away. It will consist of more fishing 🎣, more beach bums, and Duval street. Anyone who’s gone to Keywest knows about Duval street!!! And anyone who hasn’t needs to experience it🤣🤣

And of course the sunset celebration , they celebrate it every night. Lots to seeon that pier😳It’s been years since we’ve gone to the Keys, so it will a blast. Hoping my kids can all make it.

Hope everyone has a great Friday,

Good night to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘

Going out tomorrow, laying low tonight!


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