Sad Saturday πŸ˜“

Working on a Saturday. Not only does it suck. The whole morning was a little off.

I got up seriously in the nick of time to throw my ponytail in, a dash of makeup and was out the door. But the house was so dark, not a light in sight. Everyone snoozing away. I had to feel my way around the darkness. I ran straight in the wall! Ouch!! Ran to the jeep, it’s pouring rain, another depressing thing and sped off to work. Lucky I put workout gear in there last night when I attempted to clean it out.

Oh yes, here’s how that went. The jeep was full of stuff. I could actually justify why I need a majority of the shit in there. 🀣🀣chairs for baseball ⚾️, magazines for the gym, shoes for running. I think the only thing I took out was the returnable cans and Dinos stuffed animal. I did organize it so all you really see are the chairs. After all I am a baseball granny now! ❀⚾️

So in spite of the goose egg I now have on my head, welcome to my Saturday morning.

But I’m going to turn this day into a funday. Dinner out tonight and movie. Going to see (cock ) Blockers. Heard it was super funny. And I need a laugh tonight and possibly a few🍹🍷😊

Found this yesterday , had to add my kids to it.

Stin- leaving me curb side🀣

Carter- will pay will all his πŸ’°

Ashley- will definitely visit

Trevor-will come with ” Crown Royal “and forbidden snacks for sure


Lover and Carter took Dino to the movies. Highlight of his movies!! Duh πŸ™„ the popcorn 🍿

Shoveling it in🀣🀣🀣🀣

Thank you for taking him and watching little Dino today

Well this Saturday kinda sucked. No dinner out😑, no movie 😑! Relationships suck along with this day! Carters on my last nerve, Stin is who knows where, and the main mate is giving me shit.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Spending the day with my daughter andthe boys! Life is good 😊

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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