Awesome Sunday 👍🏻

Roads are extremely icy! Hard to believe that it’s April!!!

Sunday morning workout, not quite as early as Ashleys. She left at 5:00am😳

I went at 7:00 am. Still early but we have a fun day planned.

Weston joined Dino’s gymnastics class. We are soooo excited, that poor teacher has no clue. These two cousins will be the gymnastic stars! But they are also best buds, extremely busy, funny when they are together. Weston’s gymnastics skills are off the chart. Dino’s is so happy because he’s having a cousin day.

Newest gymnast 👆🏼

Cousins at gymnastics

The gymnastics was a success.

We even Had a successful Walmart trip. Boys got to pick out food, and a little toy. We are hanging out while Jace goes to swimming. Then Jace is being dropped off at the castle and we’re going to paint the shells we brought back from Florida. Well, at least that’s my plan.

Nugget / Ranch lunch!

Shell painting was fun, boys covered in paint.

Weston and Dino ending up shirtless of course

Not sure what’s outside, but they spent 20 minutes looking out talking to each other

Welcome to my world the tornado in action 👆🏼

Weston- tornado

Dino- hurricane

Jace-Thunder storm

❤❤❤ all boys!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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