Castle updates❤❤️❤❤️❤

How much do you pay for cable??? I swear we pay a lot. And half the time there is nothing to watch on TV. Maybe it’s just me and my choice of shows, but darn I’m over this cable bill with nothing good on. Main mate needs his fishing shows so he doesn’t mind the bill, I personally think it’s a waste of money.


So my son is trying to ban me from T ball practice. How rude is that. I get that granny could possibly be a slight distraction…… maybe just a little bit. Lol. But last night it started to hail/rain so Weston and I ran to the jeep for warmth And shelter. Well my cute little T-Ball player decided he wanted shelter also. Trevor was mad, granny was sad. Does Trevor not know a granny’s love for her grandkids! Gosh!!!lol

❤❤❤Love you Trevor ❤❤️❤❤️❤

Had a cute little visitor this morning

He walked in my room quite early, I was getting ready for work and he says….. I was wondering if you were watching the news???? I said no but would you like to??? Dino….sure. Not sure why that went down, but he laid in my bed watching the news while granny got ready 🤣

Here’s some castle updates that have been happening lately……

Just carter sporting a slick suit every day❤

Stin leaves Sunday for a month for his job, Found Megan in his suitcase 🤣. She plans on visiting a lot. A month is long, I will miss him, but thinking about it, I probably have seen him twice all this month and we live together.

Main mate is working a ton, which he loves, keeps him away from the castle happenings 🤣

Vegan Ashley cruising thru college , cooking vegan smelly stuff and being an amazing momma, and Dino, he really should cut an album he sings every day, all day long. I think he sings when he talks!

And me…… well you hear all about my daily issues. But granny is loving life! Beside the fact that Trevor has tried to ban me from T ball⚾️.

I read this every so often 👆🏼 and each time it makes me emotional 😭❤. Anyone with grandkids will get it❤

Well it’s Thursday so here’s one for you all…..just a few years ago

Aunt Ashley and baby Weston ” twinning”

missing Butters😓 best dog ever❤the 3 musketeers, they ride bikes now ❤❤❤

Happy Thursday

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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