Almost Scammed on Saturday

Hello Saturday 😎

Lots to do. But first we have a little problem. We’ve been planning our vacation for next year. Pretty much a year from now. Ok this is the situation…… we found a beautiful house to rent on the water. Totally in our price range. 2 boat lifts, barbecue grill, hot tub, linen for 15 guest, parking for 3 cars, plus trailer. Honestly everything. Right in Keywest . We are going to Keywest next year with all the castle members and girlfriends/grandkids etc. Well, we’ve been emailing back and forth , signed the rental contract. Everything seems good. So this morning I’m suppose to transfer the deposit. Well last night we tried to call him with a few more questions, never answered, and never called back. ( first red flag) So then we googled the address ( owner or the rentals address he put on the info for the money transfer). And house was super bad, I mean a tarp on the roof. Looked like a abandoned house next door. Why would someone own almost a million dollar rental in Keywest and live like they are homeless. We think we found his picture on Facebook. Now the whole thing looks like a scam😑. We are so mad, lucky we didn’t send the deposit. Oh , wait did finally hear from him….. did I send the deposit, he never received it. And he said his phone is broke and can only text!!!! WTF!! I may be a blonde but really????😑😑😑😑


Woke up to this on the table???? Did I miss a celebration last night???

Then as I looked at the bottle more closely I realized it’s white grape juice

so at least no one will be sporting the hangover this morning. I know it was lover and carters , probably a romantic dinner 😍

ran all my errands this morning, gym, and going to start yard work. Main mate is fishing on the Detroit River with Trevor. They caught 15 walleye , fish dinner coming up baby!!

I’m also hoping to seethe new Release movie

My parents seen it last night , and said it’s my kind of movie!!

Hooked up Stin with a ton of going away snacks, he’s so hard to buy food for. He has basically a 5 item diet, plus Mountain Dew. I also got him some person hygiene products so he can be clean. He was happy, he plans on just working like a dog, making a boat load of money and moving in an apartment. He’s very good at completing his goals. Very determined and hard working. Going to be successful ❀. I know I’ll talk to him a ton, but hate when there so far away.

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘

Off to dinner now, and already bought the movie tickets on line.Life is good 😊


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