What a gorgeous Sunday!!!!

Started the day at the gym, along with my whole neighborhood! Lol But seriously it was only 7 AM Sunday morning and pretty much knew everyone in the gym.

After the gym, we head to our cousins gymnastics class. They had there game on in full force. The hurricane and the tornado were all about the gymnastics today.

After gymnastics we always have to hit up a store, today it was Meijer. Were they good??? Heck no. But isn’t that the fun of hanging out with your cousin .

Lunch was a picnic outside , Weston chicken nuggets and fries, Dino vegan tofu nuggets . Then we went by the lake. Big mistake 😮😮😮 Both boys ended up swimming in the lake! Yes….they are officially the first swimmers of the year. After that granny pretty much just let them swim and play in the sand on our beach!

But the highlight for them was the golf cart! We watched and listened as Dino asked Weston to let’s go for a ride. Weston’s reply…. do you want to drive?

Dino’s reply…. no you drive🤣🤣🤣

Weston …… ok fine I’ll drive. As Weston took the wheel, Dino was pushing on the gas pedal like a 2 man team!!!!!! Thank you god we had taken the keys out!!!

Ashley and I looked at each other and said, picture that in about a few years!!! Forsure they will be trying to drive illegally😳😳😳

But for now let’s ride bikes!!!!!

When your exhausted from playing , you ditch your bike and need a wagon!!!

Big shout out to Jace!!! Rode his bike with no training wheels!!! He’s the man!!🎉🎊🎈couldn’t video and run along, but he did it!

What a wonderful day! Great weekend! Much needed!

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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