Sometimes you need the snooze button πŸ€£

Alarm went off so early, the plan was to hit the gym early with Ashley. That plan did not happen. Now I’m pissed at myself for not going this morning. I’m working late so I won’t go to the gym until later. And that means it will be crowded. My age definitely kicked in this morning when I hit the snooze button. Rarely ever do that but damn this girl was tired 😴.

But since I’m leaving later today, I got the interesting view of my garbage men, ok first off they just about clipped the neighborhoods car, when they flew that big truck around my corner. They did look like they were having quite the good time. The music was blasting. I guarantee they don’t give a crap about anyone’s trash. They fly down neighborhood streets throwing trash in their truck and if it makes it in then good πŸ‘πŸ» if not they could care a less. Thank you for the row of papers left on our street that blew off your rig. I’ll be sure to pick them up and put them back in my trash for you next week.


Not knowing this baby’s gender is driving us all a little crazy. We tend to breed boys over here. But either sex will be a blessing. The baby is healthy and that what we all want.

Blue or Pink???????

so as I was enjoying my non motivated morning, I ventured into my mates bathroom. I noticed that they are running low on toothpaste, so I say to carter ” hey do you guys need toothpaste???” Not yet we still have some more life out of that…..


There is zero toothpaste left in that!

Ended up being a beautiful day! Even tho I worked most of it.

Excited to book our vacation for next year. Found a great rental, not a scam like the last place. And this ones actually sweeter!!! If the main mate gets home at a decent hour then we will book it tonight😎😎😎😎

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow xoxo 😘


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