Wow!!! I don’t have them but the rest of the castle members are miserable!

I feel so bad, Carter wakes up sneezing 🀧 every morning, and it’s not no dinky little sneeze. It’s one that has power. And he’s on daily medication and allergy shots once a week.

Ashley’s eye are pretty much swollen shut, and shes now under doctors orders. I haven’t seen her beautiful blue eyes in 3 days! Not sure about Dino I feel like he’s too young also, to say it is true allergies are just a cold.

Stin gets pretty bad also, but since we barely see him, we barely get to hear his sneeze 🀧.

Trevor wasn’t real bad as a kid. Definitely had some allergies and some bad springs. But not as bad. Hoping the blondes don’t get that. It’s to hard to tell when they are little because they sneeze, cough and catch stuff all the time.

And the main mate!!!! Carries around a roll of toilet paper everywhere, and it’s not for the bathroom. He definitely could use some Dr. intervention but he definitely wont go. He self diagnose his allergies and treats them on his own.?

They definitely got this from the other side of the family. Because I am fine. Never a sniffle in sight. I did get hay fever a few years back, weirdest thing…… my one wouldn’t stop watering. I looked so funny , I had make up on one side of my face and zero on the other. Of course it happened while working.


I have to share this I woke up this morning on this Monday morning it’s going to be 70Β° today and all the Castle members were already out of the house such a beautiful thing! It was a quiet morning ,very peaceful. Perfect for a Monday morningπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


work βœ…

Trafficβœ… 😑😑😑😑😑😑

Gym βœ…

Walk with dogsβœ…

Gorgeous Monday βœ…

Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘

Trevor get yourgarden going…..


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