First Baseball Game ❤⚾️

Take me out to the ball game……⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Jace’s first t-ball game!!! Tonight!!!! So excited 😊. He’s worked so hard on all his baseball skills!!! Go get them tiger!

They are sooooo stinkin cute at this age. I was over the other night practicing with him and after we were done he says…… my baseball bag goes directly in my moms trunk. So I’m ready for games☺️❤ Then little Weston says wait my mitt goes in my moms trunk also for games. Love the siblings that can’t wait to get out there and join the team , when they are old enough⚾️❤

Now if you could only see all his fans😀, you would think this was major league. You have the parents, grandparents, ” GRANNY ” , great grand parents, aunt, uncles, Lover, cousins and little brother cheering on a T-ball team. But feel free to double that because remember we are all divorced so that just adds a bit more. How cool is that support system 🙌🏼


So this is been an extremely busy day prior to our game time.

First I had work , had to leave work early for a doctors appointment. I work in Farmington Hills my doctors appointment was in Milford I had 45 minutes to get there. Yep!! Got pulled over, I debated between going through a yellow light or stopping. Went through it , got pulled over. Then I proceeded to tell the cop All about my life😂😂, told him I was rushing to my doctors appointment and even told him about the T-ball game tonight. He basically lectured me and told me not to run red lights that yellow lights are considered red. And to get to my appointment, no ticket baby!!!

But my day got more interesting when I left the gym I actually got into another jeep. Yes one exactly like mine with a women sitting in the passenger side. Don’t worry we laughed it off and I told her about the T-ball game.

It’s been quite the day!!!

goodnight to all,until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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