Prom Proposal 2018 Lover❤

The big thing now a days are these proposals. They do them for all the high school big events. Homecomings, etc. Well it is Prom season.

Prom proposal…… Lover is a senior and just scored the funniest proposal ever. As you all know Carter is a day trader, he has a book out and videos and run classes on day trading. He loves it and is extremely successful with it. He’s one of his videos…..❤

So Lover thought up a great plan to ask Carter to her senior prom. They are both 18, have been dating for almost 3 years, but we still made her ask him. And what a success it was ……

Not only did she wear his suit and tie, she snuck in the ” video/ filming room” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Then when Carter came home, she sent him the video and she was waiting outside with this sign


Great job Lover!! Of course he said yes.

Oh and they didn’t win any 💰 on the scratch off lotterytickets ☹️RATS

Spent the day with my 3 loves, Picnic lunch, beach , bikes and golf cart❤

Now going out for sexy Saturday! Date night, looking forward to an evening out.

Goodnight 💤🌙😴 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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