Gorgeous Wednesday

For all you lifetime movie lovers! Why do those movies suck you in….. I have another super early morning today and stayed up way to late to watch some lifetime show. And the funny thing is , all those shows are the same🤣🤣 usually they are about a crazy lady with a cheating husband, wow😳 sounds like the one I watched last night!!! And it’s not like you can’t Predict the ending. But I’ll admit it , I find myself watching until the end. Then hating myself in the morning because I’m so 😴 tired.

A Big shout out to my Ashley and Carter another year of college down Ashley has one more year to go in her program. And my little Carter is going to be a sophomore in college 🎉🎊 SO PROUD!!!

Almost 80° today! Sunny , beautiful, gorgeous in Commerce twp!!! Hitting up the lake as soon as I’m off work. P-dog has his boat all ready to go. We still need to put the pontoon in. But kayaking and paddle boarding is ready for tonight . Water war 2 , watch out Ashley ❤


Just read this and it makes me want to cry…… feeling emotional today.

“One day you will pick up your child for the very last time and not even know it…”

The raw truth of that statement shattered me. My mind raced to try to remember. When did I last hoist any of them up onto my hip? How old were they… five? Seven? Eight? How could I not know?

How could I not know?

It funny because when your in the heart ❤️ of raising a family, its soooo overwhelming at times. Then next thing you know , your a granny, and your youngest is a sophomore in college ❤❤❤❤

So far all 4 are heading in the right direction , life is good 🙌🏼

Ok who’s hair flip is better???

Girl power beard power ???

Girls I think we have it going on… sorry the beard just doesn’t cut it!!!

Super frustrated😡😡😡😡😡 so they called in a prescription to CVS, I go to the one by my house which is where we get our prescriptions filled and it’s not at that one, I ask her to transfer it to that one and she tells me it’s gonna take two hours. So I tell her I’m just going to drive to the other one and pick it up, get to the other one it’s not at that one it’s at the another one in commerce!!! Yes… Commerce Township has three CVS stores in it!!!

Now I’m thinking how bad do we need to pick the script up today 😡

goodnight 🌙 to all , until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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