2 funny incidents 🤣🤣

Two quick funny story is what I have for you today

First one ……. I worked at a different center yesterday, so i went to a different gym, one that was right by my work. As I’m walking out of the gym……. there parked right in the parking lot sits a united state postal mailman truck 🤣🤣🤣. So of course I text my post office worker friend and had to ask if that was part of the benefit package working out??? Maybe somebody just needed a quick stretch or a quick workout. Believe me I’m all for Fitness but it was Funny, because it was obvious they were still on shift😂

Sometimes you just need to take a break and get your fitness on!!

So after the gym I head over to tto Toys “R” Us, I actually thought they were out of business and closed but there still open till the end of June. I was told you could pick up some sweet deals. Lots of birthdays coming up so I thought ” BAM” i’m going to get some good scores today!!! So I have my cart full of birthday gifts…. Lady in front of me is checking out, she possibly no it was the cashier because they’re talking, i’m kind of listening and then she ends up saying I’d like the in-store sale discount. Ummmm ????? What kind of discount is that everything in the store is on sale????? So the lady gives her another 25% off. I am now at the register making small talk with the cashier, so I say I’d like the in store sale discount!!! And she looks at me and says what is that ??? Your items are all in sale?? Now I’m so confused, I want the same discount the lady In front of me just scored. She walked out with a cart full of stuff for super cheap. Unless something fishy was going on, maybe I don’t need the extra discount after all. But the whole thing was quite strange.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Woke up to thunder , just 2 quick bangs a little rain, but heard more is coming our way! Happy day to all

Poor little Dino is still feeling sick. Little ones are always catching stuff and passing it on to the next child. Get well Dino!

Taking him on a walk for some fresh air! Goodnight to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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