On this Day

Just a little note today

Awww , don’t you just love memories ❀❀❀

Like today this just popped up ! 7 years ago

Wow!! So hard to believe my little ( 6’2 ) Stin’s been driving that long. 😳

And 2 years ago , these little boys were driving their little cozy cars. Had to get rid of them, they all ride bikes now. It’s crazy how quick they out grew these cars

And just one year ago on this day , we were playing some Knights baseball at Jimmy John’s field house! What a great night that was. And on this day today ….. we are playing some T-ball at some ” Lakes Athletic” field.

Apple 🍎 lovers …. what’s your favorite kind??? Well, this really ticked me off today, I buy 7 Honey Crisp apples a week, been eating one a day. Yes, they cost more, but damn they are good. Today I bite into my ” honey crisp apple” that is definitely not a honey crisp. Not a bad apple , the tag says ” honey crisp” but it’s definitely NOT!!!

πŸ˜” oh well, I’m curious what the remaining apples left I have are???😬😬😬😬😬😬 nice job Kroger! Lol πŸ˜†

Looks like a honey crisp, smells like a honey crisp, $$$ priced like a honey crisp…… doesn’t taste like a honey crisp😑

gorgeous night for some baseball, goodnight to all, until tomorrow 😘


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