Bonfire time 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

You know it’s going to be a great day when you hit every green light on your way to work today!! Makes a ride to work kind of enjoyable! I really don’t think I’ve ever had that happen until today.

Welcome to warm weather ❤

What does warm weather bring to us…..

Lots of fun

Picnics, waterskiing, wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, water balloons ( as Dino said) , parks, beaches, pools, camping, lakes. And lots of bonfires 🔥

Every one loves a good bonfire 🔥 Carter & Lover just had one

Where we live , we have a park literally right next store with a bonfire pit. It’s a happening place. Even my own kids had bonfires down there more then in our yard . Possibly to keep me from watching 😡 Don’t get me wrong they had plenty of fires in pit. Stin and friends had one and burnt a bunch of pallets. 😳😳😳 ummmm insane!!! I think they burnt half the yard also. The fire got so big, the main mate intervened for a while.

Trevor definitely had plenty of bonfires, a couple a never even knew about until years later 😬😬

The after mass of a bonfire is also interesting, you always get chairs left, coolers, clothes, and possibly a kid or 2 .

Camping bonfires are the best, who couldn’t sit around a campfire for hours. Bonfire games, 🍹 cocktails, meeting other campers is simply the best. We were regular campers every summer when the kids were little. We went with a big group all the kids, brought boats, and all the fun toys. Great times! Main mate loves to camp, definitely his thing.

Amazing the people you see at the gym. So the other day the postal mail truck was parked in front of the gym . And today a school bus. I mean that’s super sweet that the bus driver wants to get in shape. Could it possibly just be the gym I go to?? I’m not at my regular planet fitness, I’m at that one thats close by wherever I’m working.

Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend! Poor Dino is still not feeling well, double ear infection!!!! Ear infections do run in the family 🙏🏻 please infection don’t run in our Dino’s ears!!

Goodnight 💤 to all, until tomorrow, xoxo 😘


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